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Monday’s Improving Society Question

Lankes describes innovation as being “at the heart of librarianship.” If you were working in a library that seemed overly averse to taking risks or testing new ideas, how might you sway them to instead value and promote an innovative … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Improving Society Question

On the topic of leadership, Lankes suggests that librarians are obligated to accept larger administrative responsibilities because they will ultimately serve their mission and communities in a better way. However, this exposes two potential problems: capability and will. While most … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Improving Society Question

The book says, “We don’t shelve books and change toner cartridges – we maintain an infrastructure for social action. We don’t reference resources and catalog artifacts – we teach and inspire.” In reality, we do shelve books and catalog artifacts… … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Improving Society Question

On page 129, Dave talks about libraries and agenda, and having a clear purpose in mind. From my own experience working in a public library, I can say that many people who use the library see it as simply being … Continue reading

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Friday’s Improving Society Question

Toward the end of the thread, Dave talks about the “obligation of leadership” and how librarians need to have a leadership role in the institution and the community. While I agree with this, should librarians as leaders always have the … Continue reading

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Discussion Summary

Hi everyone! Thanks for supplying some great discussion for us this week! We had a lot of good ideas for finding out what our communities want/need, and how to provide it. One thing everyone seemed to agree on–we can’t remain … Continue reading

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Communities Thread

Hello everybody! This week we’ll be congregating around this idea of “community” –what it means, how it affects libraries and librarianship, and how it has been and will keep changing. Your moderators have loads of questions for each other and … Continue reading

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Communities – Monday’s Question

Librarianship is having an identity crisis! What are the communities we serve? Do they change? How do libraries as physical spaces affect their communities? Do they do so in the same way as ten years ago? 50 years? What’s your … Continue reading

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Communities – Tuesday’s Question

It’s important to provide communities with the services they need and want, but individuals in those communities are notoriously bad at communicating what they’re after. How can librarians find out from the community what they want? What are the best … Continue reading

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Communities – Wednesday’s Question

Topical Storm: Library! So far, we’ve seen examples of business-centric, writing-centric, and music-centric topical centers. What other similar opportunities might there be in our communities? How do we ascertain which groups could most benefit from a topical center that encourages … Continue reading

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