“Radical” Keynote Florida Library Association’s Annual Confernece 2011, Orlando, FL.

Abstract: We must go further. We must go deeper into our communities. We must bring radical positive change for our members. They are drowning in overpriced mortgages, our students are entering the job market with crippling academic debt, our children are struggling with underperforming schools.

And we must take a deep long look at ourselves. How can we expect radical positive change in our communities if we are unwilling to change ourselves? We must put every function, every budget item, every assumption under the microscope. We do this not to find efficiencies or downsize or “do more with less,” but to see if they meet the test of our noble and radical mission.

Slides: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/Presentations/2011/FLA.pdf
Audio: http://quartz.syr.edu/rdlankes/pod/2011/FLA.mp3


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