Communities – Friday’s Question

Where are we headed? How are communities, libraries, and information professionals changing the world? (This question may change to reflect the week’s discussions)

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, so we know that technology is going to be ever evolving, changing our roles with it.  And I don’t think that is a bad thing, I think it is an exciting thing!  But for me, when i think of my future role as a librarian, I don’t anticipate extreme changes at the core of my daily job, because at the core are the users.  That is essentially what this job is about for me.  And no matter what evolves technology-wise, there will always still be users, and my primary focus will be to provide for them.   

  • Anonymous

    I think the most relevant change that will occur in our commuties will be the expansion of the digital divide.  As a matter of fact, I foresee at least three (more probably four) sharply distinct communities created around how they access the world.  The challenge for us as librarians will be to equip our facilities to address all groups with equal efficacy.