Communities Thread

Hello everybody! This week we’ll be congregating around this idea of “community” –what it means, how it affects libraries and librarianship, and how it has been and will keep changing. Your moderators have loads of questions for each other and the world-at-large, and we’re hoping you will too! Many of them will be informed by the Atlas’ Communities thread, but others come from our personal interests and backgrounds, so don’t be shy about joining the conversation!

As a preview of what’s to come, know that each day we’ll be tackling a new subject, from the “identity crisis” that librarians are facing in their communities to the open-source movement; from metrics measuring exactly what communities want to topical centers. We’ll wrap up the week with discussion on the future of communities in libraries, and we’ll reflect on some of the ongoing questions that should be asked.

In Brief:
Monday: Identity Crisis!
Tuesday: What Communities Want (And How to Get There)
Wednesday: Topical Centers
Thursday: Open Sourcing
Friday: Staying Relevant in a New Era

Your moderators are Rei Becker, Marie Evans, Jake Hare, Jillian Healy, Christopher Lawton, Erin Lee, and Loranne Nasir. See you in the comments!

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