Extending the Atlas

The Atlas is not done. It is never supposed to be done. As with libraries themselves, this site’s ultimate purpose is to be a continual platform for conversation, which is the very foundation of how we learn. That conversation will itself become a part of the Atlas, and in turn facilitate more discussion. Maybe it will flesh out the map and enhance its value as a guide; maybe it will lay down new rail and take us someplace unexpected and uncharted. The trick is in running with it and finding out.

So the Atlas needs you. It needs your ideas, examples, criticism, and work. Comment on an existing Thread, add to the discussion by introducing further resources, disagree with an Agreement, share an experience – your contributions add context to the Atlas and help it grow.

Have a look at the video under “Extending the Atlas: How to Participate.” Use the drop-down menus to access pages, resources, and indexes that extend the Atlas as originally published. Use these pages and tools to jump in and join the conversation.