New Librarianship Master Class Now Available

Thank you for registering for the iSchool at Syracuse University’s New Librarianship Master Class open online course! The class will begin on July 8th (noon EDT) and run through August 4th.

Below are the steps you’ll need to complete to access the course. As a reminder, you can review the New Librarianship Master Class FAQ’s here.

  1. Go to Please note that you will not be able to access this course until Monday, July 8th at 12:00pm EDT. If you attempt to enter prior to this date and time, it will indicate page not found.
  2. Choose the course New Librarianship.
  3. Choose the option “Self-Enroll in this course” as seen here:
  4. Next there will be two options. Click on the link that applies to you.
    1. I have a CourseSites Account.
      1. Enter your information and log in to the site. This will bring you directly to the course. Now you are able to begin exploring the site!
    1. I Need a CourseSites Account.
      1. Fill out the information to create an account with CourseSites.
      2. Click Save/Submit.
      3. Click the button to go directly to the course. Now you are able to begin exploring the course!

Participation in the course is free. However, students interested in taking the course for graduate credit ($3,105.60 for the 3 credit course) must complete an additional registration step and should contact Blythe Bennett directly for instructions. Students interested in taking the course for CEU credit ($150 fee for 2.0 CEUs) will have the option to do so in early August upon completion of the course.

Please contact with any questions. We look forward to having you be part of the course!

iSchool at Syracuse University

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New Librarianship MOOC FAQ

With the announcement of the New Librarianship Master Class we’ve received a number of questions. The FAQ below is a set of answers to these questions (this document should be linked off the course site very soon).

New Librarianship Master Class Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a librarian to take the class?

 The class is oriented towards professionals with some experience in librarianship (including paraprofessionals). A background in librarianship is not required, but recommended.

Can you give more detail about what will be involved in the class?

 There are two short videos which will give you an introduction to how the class will run and what it will be about. See:

Introduction to the Master Class

Introduction to New Librarianship

How much time do I need to commit to completing the class?

 Between the videos, readings, and discussions, plan on 20 hours total for the course. If you are taking the Master Class for graduate credit more time and participation is expected.

I’m in a remote time zone can I still participate in the class?

 The course is offered as an asynchronous online class. That means that while there is a weekly schedule, there are no real-time events or lectures. All lectures and materials are available on demand to match your schedule.

What if I can’t attend during July, will it be offered again?

 The course will be online for free after July, but not for CEU or graduate credit, and without guaranteed faculty participation.

Can I do some work ahead of the course?

 Weekly assignments and modules are based on readings from the Atlas of New Librarianship. If you want a head start you can read the 6 threads that constitute the first half of the Atlas. Once the class begins, there will be lectures to introduce these threads, and discussion areas to ask questions and discuss ideas presented.

Do I have to pay for it?

 To participate in the class is free. If you wish to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) there is a $150 fee for 2.0 CEUs. To take the course for graduate credit you will need to pay $3882.00 $3,105.6 (thanks to a 20% tuition discount offered by the Dean) tuition and $50.00 fee for a three-credit course through Syracuse University and complete additional coursework through the month of August.

How do I enroll for CEUs credit?

  1. Student completes MOOC and selects an option for Assessment/CEU in early August
  2. Professor reviews student’s work on MOOC, designates a P (pass) for those who successfully complete the New Librarianship course material
  3. Professor sends the student a link to register and pay for the Assessment/CEU option
  4. Student completes the online registration form and payment process. The cost for 2.0 CEU credits (20 hours) is $150.00
  5. Student receives certificate via email

How do I enroll for graduate credit?

  1. Student submits completed registration form (link available July 1)
  2. The form and full payment are mailed or faxed to UC Bursar/Registration, due by August 1.
  3. Student completes Master Class with additional online work from August 4-August 23
  4. Student will create a blog and keep it up to date throughout the course
  5. Student will write a term paper on an approved aspect of New Librarianship
  6. Professor will submit a grade for the Independent Study course by August 30
  7. Student may request transcript from Syracuse University Registrar by after Sept. 13

What additional work is required for graduate credit?

In addition to completing the work laid out in the online course you will need to do weekly blog postings and complete a term paper on a theme from the Atlas of New Librarianship. This term paper will be in the form of an “Agreement Supplement” found in the second half of the Atlas.

Can I use these graduate credits in my own master’s program?

Transfer and use of credits is up to your program. We will happily supply the graduate course syllabus and any other information upon request.

Is there a Certificate of Completion if I choose not to get the CEUs?

Students who complete the class will receive an electronic certificate of completion.

Are there technical requirements for the course?

All you need is an Internet connected machine able to view online videos. You will also need to access the CourseSites website ( Near the start of the class (July 8) you will receive an email with specific instructions of logging into the course.

Will the videos be captioned for accessibility?

Lectures will be uploaded to YouTube for automatic captioning.

Can I use materials from the class in my own training and staff development?

We’ve worked hard to make the course “hackable.” Slides and videos from the class are released under the Creative Commons license. Lectures can be downloaded or embedded in any system that allows HTML.

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Master Class Introduction

We’ll be updating the New Librarianship Master Class website next week with more details and FAQ’s about the class. In the meantime I thought I would share the Introductory videos on the course and new librarianship:

New Intro from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

Introduction to New Librarianship from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

Interesting note: this class has been under development for about a year…giving you a look at pre and post chemo Dave.

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Announcing the New Librarianship Master Class Online

Some of you may remember me mentioning the idea of a New Librarianship MOOC last year. Well, a year’s worth of work later, and it is time for the announcement. Come and join us in July for fun or credit! More info at


About the Class

Libraries have existed for millennia, but today the library field is searching for solid footing in an increasingly fragmented (and increasingly digital) information environment. What is librarianship when it is unmoored from cataloging, books, buildings, and committees?

The vision for a new librarianship must go beyond finding library-related uses for information technology and the Internet; it must provide a durable foundation for the field. New Librarianship recasts librarianship and library practice using the fundamental concept that knowledge is created though conversation. New librarians approach their work as facilitators of conversation; they seek to enrich, capture, store, and disseminate the conversations of their communities.

Join iSchool faculty for this online course that provides a foundation for practicing librarians and library science students in new librarianship. It builds on The Atlas of New Librarianship, the 2012 ABC CLIO/Greenwood Award for the Best Book in Library Literature and seeks to generate discussion about the future direction of the profession.

The class will be taught and moderated by core faculty at the iSchool with international reputations: R. David Lankes, Jill Hurst-Wahl, Megan Oakleaf and Jian Qin.

For Fun or Credit
The Course is offered for free online. However, participation in the course can also lead to Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for an additional fee, or graduate academic credit with additional work and tuition. More information to follow.

Coming in July
The course will be offered in a guided mode from July 8 to August 4. After that month the class will be opened online, but CEU or academic credit options will no longer be available.

Benefits of Participation
MIT Press will provide participants in the course with a 20% discount on The Atlas of New Librarianship.

To sign up for the course or to receive more information go to

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Nerd Absurd

I had a great time talking about the future of libraries and general issues of open access and the importance of librarians with the Nerd Absurd podcasting crew. It is a long conversation, but pretty free wheeling, have a listen:

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Success Through Collaboration

“Success Through Collaboration” HELIN Annual Conference. Smithfield RI. (pre-recorded)

Abstract: If you want a future for libraries, it is within you, the librarians. If you want a healthy community that seeks out knowledge, and seeks informed conversation, then advocate for it beyond your walls. If you want your library to thrive, the community must thrive. To be a librarian is not to be neutral, or passive, or waiting for a question. It is to be a radical positive change agent within your community.




Success Through Collaboration from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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The New Librarianship Worldview

“The New Librarianship Worldview” Library 2.012. Web.

Abstract: Your worldview dictates what is possible and often without even knowing it. This presentation to the 2.012 Conference looks at the importance of worldview and describes the rising view within librarianship focused on knowledge and community Findet Nemo-Combo Banner.



The New Librarianship Worldview from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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What We Do and Why We Do It …But Mostly Why We Do It

“What We Do and Why We Do It …But Mostly Why We Do It” New Zealand Atlas Reading Group. Web.

Abstract: You may never be a part of marching in the streets. I hope you never have to face a mob of looters, but you will be part of a revolution. Librarians are radical positive change agents in their community. In the academy, in schools, in the public, government, and business, librarians are storming the barricades of ignorance and fighting for knowledge and community improvement aufblasbaren Ball.

You cannot fight this fight from the safety of the stacks, nor behind the security of the reference desk. Librarianship has helped shape and guide the world for millennia, and now it is your turn to take up that charge.




What We Do and Why We Do It …But Mostly Why We Do It from R. David Lankes on Vimeo.

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3rd Printing of the Atlas in 18 Months

In case you are having some trouble getting a hold of the Atlas, more are on the way. MIT Press has just done a rush print order. Seeing as I know my mom only bought the first printing, I owe you all a debt of gratitude.

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Master Class on New Librarianship Amsterdam

Here is the short version of this post: I did a masterclass at the Amsterdam Public Library for de Library School. You can see watch the screencast or listen to an MP3 at the end of this post. It is long (2 hours and 33 minutes).

Now the long version. I had the BEST time yesterday in Amsterdam. I was invited to do a Master Class on New Librarianship for de Library School that operates out of the Public Library of Amsterdam. It is a very neat project where they are working over three years to define what a library school should teach and do, and to do that, they are trying to define what a librarian and library are.

I have never done a master class before, and had no idea what to expect. Good news, they had never hosted one, and had no expectations. So I decided to give a brief introduction about what New Librarianship is, and then offer up a menu of ideas (in Atlas talk, agreements) that we could go through in what ever order the class wanted.

One of the common misperception about new or participatory librarianship is that it a simple idea that boils down to listen to your community. Putting this together and working with the class, it is clear that it is a very deep way of looking at librarians, libraries, and communities that all of us working and talking in the area have come up with. We were there for about 3 hours, and we could have kept going for about 10 more. THose who have read the Atlas will not be surprised.

I talked a little more than I would have liked to, but ewe had great conversations in the breaks and afterwards. As an aside I am so impressed with the Amsterdam Public Library. Besides an impressive facility, they have two cafes and a radio station. I had a chance to talk to the director, Hans van Velzen, and was blown away. What he has accomplished there is simply outstanding.

Oh man, I hope I get the chance to do another kinds of classes. I enjoy keynoting, but the time and interaction to dig deep is simply exhilarating. In fact it was in preparation for this session that I floated the idea of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in New Librarianship. I can see it working, but need to figure out a way to capture the conversation and dynamic.

In any caseā€¦let me know if you want to put on a master class, and enjoy the class if you would like.

“New Librarianship Master Class” Master Class, de Library School, Amsterdam, Netherlands.



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