Here a few reviews and comments about the Atlas:

“Wow–quite the tome, but brilliant in its recasting of what it means to be a librarian in the 21st century.”

“…The book inspires one to think critically about their profession and the role the librarian plays within the community. It encourages a call to action! Some call it a manifesto, and I would agree. Be prepared to be challenged and changed by the concepts found within the Atlas of New Librarianship…I strongly encourage librarians, library boards, library students, LIBRARY EDUCATORS, and those who love libraries to pick up this book.”
- Tony Molaro

“This book allows any librarian the ability to think critically and open these conversations with their community, whoever that may represent. This is a book that should be available in all library schools. There should be one class that encourages this kind of community focused conversation and collaboration as I believe that’s the secret to a sustainable future. If we don’t have support from our communities, or viewed as an integral part of them, then we appear to be very dispensable. “
- Jeff Scott

“VERDICT Essential for all librarians wanting to evolve and continue to serve their communities.”
-Library Journal

“In mapping a future direction for librarianship, Lankes gives us plenty to think about.”
- Mary Ellen Quinn in American Libraries

“i just read the first few pages this afternoon;; i really believe it will challenge and change our profession”
-hbraum via Twitter

“I really like the book, great job and a very cool and innovative way to re-think/re-create thinking about librarianship.”
- Charles McClure

Book of the week
-Against the Grain

“If you’re a librarian, get your hands on this book immediately. We all need to read this through and do some serious soul-searching, dreaming, and thinking about our amazing profession (and I’m only on page 24 out of 408!)”

“…a landmark book”
- Buffy Hamilton

“Deep thinking, beyond brands, down to the core concepts and competencies that define librarianship. Lankes creates thoroughly described verbal and visual explanations of the relationships between the many disparate parts that make up our professional whole.”
— Jessamyn West,
community technology librarian,
blogger, and creator of

“The Atlas is not a book; it is a manifesto, a set of principles and convictions aimed at shaking new life and belief into a field that too often fears for its own future. Read it and be prepared to act.”
— Andrew Dillon,
Dean and Louis T. Yule Regents
Professor of Information,
School of Information,
University of Texas at Austin

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  • Craig Seasholes

    Engaging in thoughtful discussion with and about the atlas is an exhilarating adventure.  Every page makes me want to shout, “At Las(t)!” To me it is a tome that brings to print the  electrifying energy of conversations with fellow librarians. A stationary reference point in a field of dazzling connections and opportunities. 

  • gs

    I did not like it a bit.
    gs, SF, CA