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R. David Lankes

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Application builders are the agents devoted to software development on the Internet. An application produces software that uses the infrastructure to produce, provide, capture, and organize information on the Internet.

Software, for the purpose of this agreement, is considered content free. That is not to say that this software does not provide information to the user. Rather, the information provided does not directly match the information needs of the member. The member utilizes these applications as a means to access other information. Applications created by application builders are a means to an end. For example, when someone uses the Firefox web browser to access a weather report, he or she is interested in the weather not the Firefox software.

Not all the software created by these agents, however, is visible to the member. Software used to provide and organize information within organizations is also included in this category. Servers, for example, are vital to the client/server paradigm used in today’s Internet information services. It is the server’s ability to remain invisible to the member that makes the client/server model so powerful.

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