IST 600: Participatory Librarianship

The following screencasts were produced for a special topics course at Syracuse University’s iSchool. The class of 10 students not only learned about and critiqued the Atlas under construction, they authored and contributed a good number of the Agreement Supplements.

The introductory lectures outlining key points of most of the threads are presented unedited. In addition to the “content” of the lecture, they show the process of Atlas construction.

  • Jan Goossenaerts

    Thanks for this great resource! Have you considered creating a Google+ community on New Librarianship? After all you need to reach out to librarians in all municipalities globally…

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  • Amanda

    How do you make these videos? If you don’t mind sharing, I am wondering how you put the video into the presentation, or rather, is this PowerPoint with video embedded? Please share your process. Thank you!

    • R. David Lankes

      I use ScreenFlow on the Mac. It captures the screen which has my slides via Keynote (but it could be PowerPoint) and the webcam. ScreenCam allows me to edit the screen capture and adjust the video placement and size plus transitions. On Windows the equivalent software would be Camtasia.

      • Amanda

        Thanks for replying. I tried a few things but didn’t think of Camtasia. By the way, you are one of my three favorite librarians. And I am so glad that you kicked cancer’s ass. Keep on rocking.