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  • rdlankes

    I wanted to point to an interesting set of threads on the nature of knowledge and librarianship by Lane Wilkinson. They are useful because they present an alternative approach to the constructed approach to knowledge presented in the Atlas (the Atlas is all about conversation, not about agreement), and they are much more in-depth look at philosophical approaches to librarianship as opposed to the pragmatic one presented in the Atlas. While I don’t agree with a lot of what Lane says, this type of conversation is how we learn and it is important to see multiple perspectives.

    Also know that these links are equally valid for agreements on constructivism:

    Libraries are not in the construction business:

    Libraries are in the demolition business:

    Also see some FriendFeed threads on the topics:


  • Kaylin Boehme

    I love Lankes’ words on ‘commoditized knowledge’ – “If access to artifacts or conversations were sufficient for knowledge then anyone with Internet access would be brilliant. In fact, some have argued that access can in fact provide on-demand or commoditized knowledge.” (p. 72)

    I recently had a conversation with a friend on why they do not use library services, and they stated that they had no information needs that could not be satisfied by fast, on-demand web searching. Fair enough, and that is perhaps a good place for librarians to focus our efforts and amplify our presence.